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Find about MBA Methodology

Find about MBA Methodology

UNIR’s study method is flexible, personalized, and effective. It allows you to attend classes when possible and combine your studies with your personal life and work. UNIR’s methodology is based on four pillars:

  • Live online lectures: Lectures are held every day of the week so that you can attend class at the time that suits you best. If you cannot attend a lectures, or if you have questions about a lecture you did attend, you can access recordings of all your lectures as many times as you need.
  • Personal tutor: On your first day, you will be assigned a personal tutor. They will contact you by phone and email. Your tutor will advise you in your day-to-day work and answer any questions you may have.
  • Virtual Campus: This is our online platform designed to optimize your learning. Everything you need to study at UNIR is in the Virtual Campus: Lectures, classmates, the library, pedagogical resources, schedules, chat, forums, and much more.
  • Pedagogical resources: You will have access to various learning resources to supplement your education: Complementary readings, outlines with key ideas, self-assessment tests, etc.

For more information, see Studying at UNIR.

Student Support Departments

UNIR also has two departments specifically dedicated to supporting students on both an academic and personal level:

The Department of Academic Advising (SOA*) is aimed at helping students with their studies, taking into account their work and family circumstances. It helps students reconcile work, family, and study, guiding each individual student so that they achieve a work-study rhythm adapted to their personal needs.

The Special Needs Service (SANNEE) provides support to students with temporary or permanent functional diversity, providing the best solutions for each individual. Their main mission is achieve full integration into university life for all students.



We offer financial aid and different agreements with other institutions so that you have access to a quality education.


Credit Recognition


If you have prior studies, you can apply for credit recognition and reduce the time it takes to obtain the degree you want to complete.


Evaluation Criteria

To determine the level at which the student has achieved the general and specific objectives defined in the master's, we must assess the competencies acquired during study.

Learning will be assessed through the grades earned for performance in the following:

  • Continuous assessment (assessment tests, participation in forums, discussions and other collaborative media, and solving practical cases).
  • Final Thesis.
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